The Fortune Cookie

To be a success in business, be daring, be first, be different. I have had this little slip of paper from a fortune cookie taped to everyone of my desks since 1996.  I opened that fortune cookie during the first month in business according to the date I wrote on it. Its been my mantra ever since. I’m grateful I received the fortune in that cookie over 17 years ago.  I’ve kept it through numerous moves, and taped it together when it became tattered. What’s your mantra?  Your words to run your business by? I believe this one sentence is my mission statement. I know I’m not the first, and never will be because of those who came before and began paving the way ahead of me. But I am daring, and I am different. WP_20130718_003 I think I’ll frame my fortune now. After all this time I don’t want to lose it.  ]]>

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