Hours and Payments

Holiday work is performed at twice the normal rate and after-hours work will be performed at time and a half of the normal rate. (Except by prior arrangements.)

Our terms are net 10 days. A 10% late fee is applied to all overdue invoices (Except by prior arrangements.)

Sub-Contracted Assistance
At times, Hilltop Secretarial Service may utilize a trusted colleague as a sub-contracted worker. Hilltop Secretarial Service will oversee such work, and handle payment of sub-contractor.

Paymentss: We accept payment via Square, PayPal, and ACH Transfer) and also Checks by Phone. All checks are converted to electronic format. To submit your check, please call 877-897-1859 or email us and we’ll send you a form you can fill out.
The Hilltop Group, LLC is PCI Compliant and utilize the services of ControlScan.com for scanning and compliance, and are covered by GreatAmerican E & S Insurance Company in case of compromised data.