Virtual Receptionist Service: Three Lines are Available

Notary Public – the State of Pennsylvania Only. Standard notary services, please email for an appointment. IN-PERSON APPEARANCE ONLY. I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in this Commonwealth. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.

National & International Banking Transactions & Accounts Payable: For over twenty years I have provided assistance with bnaking transactions and accounts payable in numerous countries. Due to banking regulations in various countries, this can be a complex task. Please inquire if you’re interested in this service. 

WordPress Blog Administration. Design, posting, administration, and more for WordPress blogging. Send your blog posts to us for editing and posting. Or, call in and dictate your posts live to us (we will record the call to ensure accuracy). For examples of our work on blogs, please visit these examples (In addition to our own site): Example A, Example B, Example C

General Word Processing: Spreadsheets, Correspondence, Term Papers, and more. Desktop Publishing: Newsletters, Brochure Design, Flyer, and Business Card Design, and more. Custom Form (desktop) design, Manuscripts, and Employee Manuals. Mailings (small – no more than 100 addresses), Fax Service, Document Conversion from most common formats to .pdf format. Need a PDF converted to a Word format? How about an Excel Spreadsheet? We can help! Give us a call today and we’ll convert your PDF for you. E-mail or call 877-897-1859 for more information and rates.

Remote PC Access Using a remote connection service or (separate subscriptions required), I can log into your PC (desktop or laptop) and handle all those maintenance tasks you don’t have time to do, or just can’t be bothered to do. I can set up your backups (provided you have an external backup drive in place), start your defragment or disk cleanup tasks, schedule your virus and spyware scans, and even log into your calendar to schedule appointments.

Live Telephone Answering Virtual Receptionist Using your phone company’s remote call forwarding, or forwarding at the beginning and end of the day or even utilizing one of my incoming lines, I can take your calls. My services will allow you to continue your work, without interruptions. Using a virtual receptionist will make your home office appear more professional, your clients are greeted either by me, or after hours by a pleasant auto-attendant, and if they must hold, they are treated to soothing music on hold.. Message delivery via email. Also, remote message retrieval. Please note, there is a standard fee for your line, and long-distance (outbound) is extra, and your company will utilize private voice mail. I use VoIP lines to give you the very best service possible (client pays the cost of the VoIP line plus long-distance). Three Lines are available.

Digital Mailbox Traveling? Does your business take you on the road more than to your office? Or, do you just want an address for mail delivery, without renting office space? Try our Digital Mailbox services. Have your mail forwarded to us, we will scan the important items (unless you request the junk mail too!) and then deliver via email to your inbox in PDF format, and forward anything for which you need the physical copy.

Email Management Service Let Hilltop Secretarial Service manage your email tasks while you’re away, or on a daily basis! Using your access information, we will accept, sort, and answer your email for you according to your instructions. Call 877-897-1859 or email today to get started.

1099/W2 Forms I can prepare your yearly 1099 and W2 tax forms and mail them to your employees and sub-contractors. Hourly rate plus postage and materials apply.

Internet Research Research and/or investigations. Quick and confidential. I can help you find what you’re looking for! E-mail or call 877-897-1859 for more information and rates. Please read the research page.

Newsletters Corporate newsletters, Personal newsletters, Small Business newsletters. All types of newsletters. You provide the copy, Hilltop Secretarial Service does the work. HSS’s prices are affordable and I provide accurate service. Because of a personal passion for tracing family histories, I have designed a series of newsletters suitable for family and close friends circulation. These newsletters are geared toward keeping your friends and family informed about the process of tracing your family history. Also to educate your family on certain aspects of the research, rules of kinship, and possible origins of names. E-mail or call 877-897-1859 for more information and rates. If you are interested in a sample copy of this newsletter, send a message to me via E-mail.