Guest Article: Going Global: A Guide to Researching International Markets

Going Global: A Guide to Researching International Markets

Conducting successful international market research is no easy feat. With different cultures, languages, and economic climates all playing a role in the research process, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why Guest Writer, Eleanor Wyatt has come up with this comprehensive guide to help you get started.

Recognize Opportunities

Before you even start the research process, it is important to identify potential opportunities for your business in international markets. Look for countries or regions with economies similar to your own that could benefit from your products or services. This will help narrow down your target market and focus your efforts on researching those areas more closely.

Choose a Market to Target

Once you have identified potential opportunities, it’s time to determine who exactly will be targeted with your product or service. Are you targeting a particular age group? Gender? Income level? Your target demographic should be clearly defined before proceeding with any further research.

Content Localization and Translation

International marketing can often require content translation and localization in order to effectively reach different countries or regions. It’s important to ensure that all translations are accurate and localized appropriately, as content that is not localized properly may be ineffective in each region or country. Translating content not only helps increase its effectiveness but can also help you build trust with people in other cultures and countries.

Competitor Research

It’s always wise to do some research on competitors who may already be operating in the same market as you. This will give you an idea of what strategies they are using as well as how successful they have been so far. You can use this information to create a competitive advantage for yourself when entering the international market.

Boost Your Website

Optimizing your website with firmographic, behavioral, and geographical data can help you target potential survey participants more precisely. You can build an audience that matches the criteria you need, such as location, interests, job title, company size, etc. Updating your website regularly with high-quality content can also be a useful way to help it gain traction on search engines.

Recruiting Top-Notch Participants

Incentivizing market research participation with gift cards through an easy-to-use gift card API has become a popular strategy to improve engagement, response rates, and data accuracy. Digital gift cards are desirable, budget-friendly, and effective in driving high-quality responses. Not only do they appeal to a wide range of respondents, but they also allow for streamlined disbursements and continued engagement with participants. Moreover, some gift card APIs automate gift card delivery, resulting in increased response rates and return on ad spend. The added advantage of using an online platform is the ability to manage and track sales and redemptions online, providing real-time insight into the effectiveness of the incentive program.

Data Gathering and Analysis

Finally, once the data is collected, experts must analyze it and gain a deeper understanding of the language and culture of the survey in order to truly understand customer behavior across different cultures. This analysis can provide your business with an informed understanding of its target markets, which is essential before any campaigns or products are launched. By taking the time to collect and analyze data, you can create more tailored campaigns that best suit your target audiences.


Successfully conducting international market research requires a significant investment of time and effort. When done correctly, the payoff can be huge. If your business is looking to expand beyond your local borders into lucrative global markets, you must identify potential opportunities, recruit qualified survey participants, optimize websites, analyze data, and translate and localize content in order to successfully navigate foreign markets.

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Eleanor Wyatt is with Remote Work Wellness which is a blog featuring hacks for staying healthy while working remotely. 

Guest Article: Scaling Your Business: Leveraging Digital Tools for Exponential Growth


Another great article from Eleanor Wyatt of Remote Work Wellness:

Scaling Your Business: Leveraging Digital Tools for Exponential Growth

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the ability to adapt and innovate has never been more critical. With digital technology driving changes at an unprecedented rate, entrepreneurs find themselves at a crossroads. The decision to incorporate digital innovation can be the deciding factor between stagnation and growth. This article delves into vital avenues that entrepreneurs can explore to fully leverage digital technologies, helping their businesses flourish in today’s digital-first world.

Amplify Your Digital Footprint

The importance of an extensive digital footprint extends far beyond merely owning a website. Entrepreneurs can expand their reach by building an integrated digital ecosystem comprising social media platforms, online marketplaces, and even mobile apps. Such a multifaceted online presence increases the odds of prospective customers discovering the business, elevating brand awareness and credibility. For example, a small retailer can harness the power of social media advertising to target local consumers, while also using search engine optimization techniques to attract organic online traffic.

Prioritize Data Security by Protecting Your Documents

In a digital environment, prioritizing data security is imperative for any entrepreneur. Employing encrypted PDFs and secure cloud storage solutions become essential safeguards for your sensitive business documents and customer information. Opting for encryption layers enhances the document’s security. Reliable cybersecurity measures not only protect valuable data but also help to foster trust among clients and business partners, thereby reinforcing brand reputation. If your goal is to convert to a PDF file, there are free online tools available.

Utilize Intelligent Analysis

Data analytics tools enable entrepreneurs to convert raw data into actionable insights. By analyzing customer behavior, purchase patterns, and other relevant metrics, businesses can tailor their products and services to better meet consumer needs. Technologies like machine learning can even automate this data analysis, allowing businesses to respond in real-time to market changes. For example, many e-commerce platforms now offer personalized shopping experiences based on customer data, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

Implement Task Automation

Automation technologies offer a wide array of solutions, from straightforward workflow tools to intricate AI platforms, all designed to enhance operational efficiency. By employing automation for mundane and repetitive tasks, entrepreneurs can liberate crucial time and resources, which can then be channeled into strategic planning and innovative pursuits. Even modest implementations, such as customer service chatbots or analytics platforms driven by AI, can yield significant improvements in efficiency. For those pondering whether to take the leap into automation, this may be useful.

Foster Mobile Engagement

As consumer behavior shifts increasingly towards mobile devices, having a dedicated mobile app or responsive website is crucial. Offering an app can simplify the user experience, encouraging more engagement and repeat business. The use of push notifications, in particular, can be extremely beneficial for fostering customer relations and enhancing retention rates. Businesses ranging from food delivery services to online retailers are utilizing apps to offer promotions, updates, and personalized experiences.

Leverage Technical Expertise

Incorporating digital technologies into a business strategy is not a solo endeavor. Entrepreneurs would do well to engage with IT experts who can help integrate new technologies in a manner that aligns with business goals. Such collaborations can range from basic website optimization to the complex implementation of blockchain or IoT technologies, helping businesses stay competitive in their respective markets.

Adopt Emerging Innovations

The digital landscape is continually evolving, offering a range of emerging technologies that can provide a competitive edge. Whether it’s blockchain for secure transactions, IoT for smart infrastructure, or augmented reality for enhanced customer experiences, early adoption can offer significant advantages. These innovations are becoming increasingly accessible, even for small and medium-sized enterprises, and can serve as differentiators in crowded marketplaces.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to delegate time-consuming tasks and focus on your core business activities, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. With a virtual assistant handling administrative and operational tasks, you have more time and energy to devote to strategic planning and business growth initiatives. Improve your efficiency and productivity with affordable and reliable virtual assistant services from Hilltop Secretarial Service.

 The digital era demands a new breed of entrepreneurs—one who is agile, innovative, and fully engaged with the array of technological tools at their disposal. By enhancing online visibility, securing business documents, making data-driven decisions, adopting automation, creating mobile channels, seeking expert tech advice, hiring a virtual assistant, and staying attuned to emerging innovations, entrepreneurs are well-positioned to realize their digital potential.

Eleanor Wyatt of Remote Work Wellness has a host of ‘hacks’ for at-home workers so be sure to check out her site.

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The Password "Book"

The Password “Book” I have this book of passwords, logins and so on, I’ve actually gone through several, and this is my latest one. [caption id="attachment_915" align="alignnone" width="300"]Kathy's 'Book' Kathy’s ‘Book’[/caption] This is also my last book like this one.  I can’t believe its taken me over 20 years to get my logins and passwords all organized.  I mean, the other was ok, just put a rubber band on it and throw it in the safe and you’re good to go. But, ugh!, it was a beast to manage. Every new ‘key’ or login was stuffed in there wherever it would fit. Finding anything was a chore.  I would have to do a task and suddenly realize I don’t remember the password, or it wasn’t in the digital manager yet, so I’d have to wade through pages and pages of logins and passwords to find what I needed – hence all the stickie notes and flags!  It was very frustrating to page through the old book when you’re on the phone trying to get something done with a client. So, over the past few days I have revamped my ‘book’. Its still small enough to fit in the safe, but its now arranged by alphabet, and each client has their own sheet(s).  It works so much better now! Its still the 5.5 x 8.5 size, so it fits where I want it, it has a built in pocket for holding notes I haven’t categorized yet, and I used an old set of contacts tabs from my DayTimer , with notes pages.  I love it, I feel so organized now! For those of you who are yelling at me from afar and saying, “Digital password manager!!!” well, I have one of those too, but, its always a good idea to have a paper backup. wp_20160927_16_11_29_rich wp_20160927_16_12_15_rich I’m so proud of myself – it only took 20+ years!! :-)]]>

Electronic Document Filing Options

 I found FileCenter Professional and I love it!  Once I started using it I immediately recognized how perfect it was for my situation and have never looked back. I uninstalled that ‘other software’ and waved bye-bye. Its easy to scan, file, rename, append, prepend, scan to OCR, edit pdf’s, email files, and so much more! Plus you can scan your entire system and replace the File Explorer with FileCenter. LOVE IT! Organizing your computer files is now a dream! [caption id="attachment_927" align="alignnone" width="300"]FileCenter Professional Screen Shot FileCenter Pro screenshot[/caption] Its so helpful to be able to edit PDF files right in FileCenter – and open Microsoft files in their native programs. Its an amazing system and I’m still finding out more things I like about it.

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Effortless Collaboration with Shared Folders

Effortless Collaboration with Shared Folders Managing a project that requires a lot of back and forth of files is a harrowing experience. Email works for the first round or maybe two, but after that, it quickly gets out of control. You’re working on version “c” while your client is already on version “e” and soon important revisions and notes are lost. A better way to work from a single document is to simply add files to a shared folder. This way, as you or your client make changes, they’ll appear in real-time, leaving no doubt about which version anyone has, or what changes were made when. There are several players in the folder sharing market, making it easy to find one that will work not only for you but for your clients as well. Dropbox A favorite in the shared folder race is Dropbox. The simple setup and generous amount of free storage space (2GB) make this a top choice for many people even if sharing files isn’t on their minds. If you work from multiple computers, need access to files on your mobile phone or iPad, or just want the extra security of knowing your important documents are backed up in “the cloud” then Dropbox is a good option. The free version includes 2GB of storage space, which is plenty to get you started, but you can earn more space by Tweeting about Dropbox, referring friends, and connecting other applications. You can also upgrade to 100GB for around $10 per month. Google Drive Not surprisingly, Google has its own document sharing system. Formerly Google Docs, Drive now operates similar to Dropbox in that you can view your files in a folder on your computer. However, opening a file requires a web browser and the use of Google Apps. If you want to edit a spreadsheet in Excel, you’ll have to download it first. Google Drive offers more free space than Dropbox does, starting out with 5GB. Upgrades are less expensive as well, with 100GB available for just $5 per month, compared to Dropbox’s $10 fee. One noteworthy difference between Dropbox and Google Drive is how files are stored. With Dropbox, files exist both on your computer and in the cloud, meaning you can work on them without an internet connection. As soon as Dropbox detects a change to a document, it syncs the new version with that on the Dropbox server. If you and your client are both working on a file at the same time, this can result in a “conflicted copy” showing up in your Dropbox. Google Drive is different in that only one copy of each file exists. When you’re working on a file, you’re actually editing that file on Google’s server. You can see this in action if you have a file open that your client is working on – you’ll be able to watch as she makes changes. There are a variety of other file sharing services available as well, and chances are your clients will have their own preferences, so you’ll likely use several in your business. But to start out, Dropbox and Google Drive offer a simple solution for collaborating with others, or just sharing files between computers.]]>