Resolving Disputes to get what you want

I went back to the ad and re-read it carefully. I discovered that the lenses I received were not as described in the eBay ad, nor were they fully compatible with my camera as stated. I contacted the seller, and after showing her a couple shots, she agreed that the quality was poor.

We discussed options for a little while, then finally, agreed to have her ship out the correct lenses, and I would return the filters, the adapter and incorrect lenses. I would only pay for my shipping of the lenses back to her. My bottom line is: Don’t settle! If you’re not satisfied, and you know it should be different, speak up. Then you’ll get the clarity you deserve. Photos by Kathy Ritchie, Leaves and Landscape shots are after the new (correct) lenses were delivered. Thanks! Kathy Ritchie]]>

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