Planned Obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence. We all know what it is. It’s that lovely time when a new model or operating system comes out and suddenly all your really big dollar software is not ‘supported’ by the new operating system. Such is the case with Quickbooks. I had Quickbooks Pro 2011 that worked wonderfully well, was a dream to work with… But as soon as it was installed in my gorgeous new Windows 8 computer (thank you Michael!!) it suddenly doesn’t work so wonderfully. Turns out, it is not supported on Windows 8, and there are not plans to support it. Gee… Thanks. But hey. you can get the brand spanking new Quickbooks Pro 2012 for this many hundreds of dollars! (can you see me rolling my eyes?) So, you’re faced with a choice, do you take that same wonderful QBPro 2011 and move it to the clunky old laptop with a supported OS? Or, do you bite the bullet and shell out for the latest and greatest? I would bet you could guess which option I chose (especially since new computer has 23 inches of lovely viewable space and the old laptop has 14. Grrrr….. Ok, ranting done for the day. Kathy McCabe]]>

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