On being disorganized (In some areas)…

here. On the business front, here are a few reminders for the end/beginning of year to do list:

  1. Send out your sub-contractor/contractor tax forms (for non-employees in the US, this is a 1099-MISC form and they are due out by the end of January).
  2. Create your New Year goals (not resolutions, GOALS).
  3. Review your previous year accomplishments and those still things still to be done. Be sure to bring forward those things you’d still like to accomplish, and list them at the top of your New Year Goals list.
  4. Begin putting together your documents for tax preparation (receipts, invoices, statements and so on) for either your accountant or if you complete your taxes yourself, in your tax folders.  (I’m a huge proponent of Turbo-Tax Home & Business)
  5. Prepare yourself for a prosperous and fun 2010!
Thank you, Kathy Ritchie, Editor, RSS Herald]]>

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