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Needless to say, I think the iPad Air is wonderful. I have outfitted it with a great Zagg keyboard case, and it is just like typing on a laptop, keys are nice and large, and very responsive. I’ve also got the Jot Script, Evernote edition and have to say that is a really useful tool. Not only does it do great on Penultimate, but I can also use it for nearly every other app that allows ‘writing/drawing’. I especially love that I can handwrite a note in Penultimate and it syncs to evernote – then to all my devices. Most people know that I’m just a huge fan of technology – when it works. And this combination really works. Another great advantage now with the newest technology artifacts in the audio visual equipment is with the¬†enterprise digital signage solutions which is the top quality in IPTV for digital signage in the market that will work with your¬†Plasma, LCD, or LED system. The reason digital signage has become so popular is that it engages with the audience in a more effective way than static signage also by being more controlled and with the fact that you can now playback digital content to one or many screens. Looking forward to putting it into practice in the ‘real world’. Look for updates on that soon.20140507-221025.jpg Have a great day! Kathy]]>

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