Guest Article: How to Feel Your Best While Working From Home

Today we are hearing from Eleanor Wyatt about working from home and making it your best space. Most of you know I’ve been working from home since 1996 so I believe her ideas are really relatable. While the word “employees” is used, these tips relate to anyone who works from home. Enjoy!

How to Feel Your Best While Working From Home

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For many employees, working from home offers benefits that can’t be found in a regular office setting. No commute means more time to enjoy your family and more opportunities to spend time on personal pursuits. But for some, it can also feel isolating and even depressing. How do we find a good balance when home and office are one and the same? We have a few tips to share with you:

Improve the Ergonomics of Your Home Office

If you’re working from home full time, you can’t just plop down on the couch with your laptop anymore. You need to invest in an ergonomic desk chair, or you’ll be at risk for some serious back and neck pain. Make sure your desk is at a comfortable height as well so your feet can rest flat under it. There are also many gizmos and gadgets on the market that you can purchase to improve your posture and prevent repetitive motion injuries, so find the ones that help you feel your best while you’re working at your desk.

Give More Definition to Your Work Area

If your desk sits in a corner of your living room or bedroom, consider partitioning off your home office space. Adding elements like tall plants or shelving units can help define the space without making the room feel smaller. An area rug will also visually set your work area apart. Additionally, getting rid of the clutter around you is especially important if you don’t have dedicated office space. Too much visual clutter can distract you from your work, provide negative stimulation, and wear you down as your eyes and brain have no place to rest. So strive to achieve a more streamlined look in your work environment to reduce your stress levels.

Wear Comfortable, Yet Fashionable Clothing

Working from home allows you to wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in. But wearing frumpy sweats and pajama pants every day can take its toll on your morale and even lower your self-esteem, so make sure to add a few pretty pieces to your wardrobe to boost your confidence, even if you’re the only one in the room. Invest in supportive yet comfortable bras that will compliment any top you wear–a must when you have a videoconference coming up. Dressing up for work even if you stay home will help you establish better boundaries between your professional and your personal life.

Step Outside for a Quick Reset

Spending all day and night in the same space is bound to give you a bad case of cabin fever at some point. So set time aside every day to step out of the house and leave the stress of work behind. Call a friend or colleague who may be in the same situation as you are, and decide on a good place to meet like a local park or a coffee shop where you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s conversation and company. A brisk walk around the block can also help you unwind after a stressful online meeting, and taking a quick break in the fresh air will help you regain some much-needed energy when you’re working hard to complete a difficult project.

As the novelty of working from home wears off and the boundaries between professional and personal lives become blurrier with each passing day, a few changes to your workspace and your wardrobe may help you stay focused on your job and still be able to tend to what matters: your mental health, wellness, and happiness.

Eleanor Wyatt of Remote Work Wellness has a host of ‘hacks’ for at-home workers so be sure to check out her site.

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