Clara never stopped fighting her battle against cancer, and she always wished to resume her work as a virtual assistant.  She is one of the most courageous people I have ever known, even though she and I never met face to face – except through video chatting. She told me frequently how important our industry was to her, and the blessings of numerous friends she met while virtual assisting.  Some of her fondest memories were made ‘computer to computer’. Funeral arrangements are pending at Wenig Funeral Home in Sheboygan Falls, WI.  I will post more when I know the details. Clara Fyffe,  July 1947 – June 2010 Rest in peace. Clara’s Bio: Clara Fyffe is the owner of All-Write Virtual Office, established in July 1995 in Evansville, Indiana. Prior to opening her business, Clara worked in the accounting office of a major auto dealership. When that office reorganized, she found herself out of work and divorced. In hopes of improving her life, Clara chose to return to college and signed up at the University of Southern Indiana. In May 1992, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, Journalism and Creative Writing. Clara had always enjoyed writing and worked as a reporter for the campus newspaper, “The Shield.” Following graduation, she wrote feature articles for the “Boonville Standard” newspaper. She then worked as editor for the regional print magazine “Road Trippin'” and advanced to writing her own monthly column, “Mom’s Musings,” an ongoing series of articles relating to the trials, tribulations, triumphs and tricks of her college student son. Following a serious auto accident in 1994, resulting to injuries to her back and legs, Clara found that she could no longer work outside the home. After talking to another woman who wanted to close her home secretarial business, Clara learned all she could and opened her own company, then named “All-Write Creative Writing and Printing.” She did most of her marketing by word of mouth, but also used the Internet, searching out those with like interests, joining multiple “writing chat rooms” to make her presence known. By doing so, she acquired many high-paying projects. In November 1998, Clara moved to Bloomington, Indiana, to be near her family. She immediately sought out the expertise of her local SBDC and took courses to further her abilities for re-opening her business in its new location. She also chose a new name, “All-Write Virtual Office,” and created a new logo, as well. She set up an extensive home office and got to work, enjoying every minute of it. Then, in September 2002, a direct hit by an F-4 tornado destroyed Clara’s home, office and car. It took nearly a year – and the support of the IAVOA community – to get through the insurance red tape and re-outfit her business in a new location and home. One year later, she was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and underwent brain surgery on October 8, 2003. Two years later, she is again moving her business forward. As before, the IAVOA community helped tremendously in supporting her and urging her not to give up. Clara fought and repelled lung cancer and was in remission for almost a year before it reappeared in a different spot.  This time, although she fought bravely, it was just not to be.]]>

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