I reside in Mexico where I own and operate a vacation rental business with over 80 rental properties. Kathy has been providing remote support services for my business since May of 2005. The always professional, timely, and extremely cost-effective support that she supplies, has been an instrumental link in the success of my business. Without her, I would be at a great loss. Kathy is an important part of my team.    Doug Wasmuth, Brisa Caribe Vacation Rentals (Doug is retired now)


Yaay! Thank you for making me feel so supported! My business is safer in your hands than in mine! I love it!  Michelle Lisenbury, Success Made Fun


Recently I needed some secretarial services performed, specifically a station Inspection Procedures Manual that was to be delivered to the FAA for approval (to conduct business) “yesterday”. Our company was bought out by another and things were very hectic. I called Kathy and explained my situation. She “burned the midnight oil” and produced an excellent, professional-looking document. Even the FAA representative remarked that it was one of the “cleanest looking”, “well thought out” manuals he had ever seen. I would use Kathy’s services again and recommend them highly.  Andrew Steinhall, Worldwide Container Svcs


Hiring Kathy was one of the best business decisions I have ever made! From answering the phones to doing research to working on documents, Kathy has completed everything in a timely manner. My clients have made numerous comments on how nice she in on the phone. I would recommend Kathy to anyone looking to expand their business with a Virtual Assistant.  Janice Russell, Minding Your Matters Organizing


To Whom It May Concern:

In this day businesses are facing challenges from every direction, change is the only constant. Staying focused and having the support of someone who anticipates, is proactive, and can reach varied connections between her clients and their customers can sometimes be the critical competitive advantage necessary for a small to medium business.


Kathy and her operation are more than services, individually helping and supporting a client’s business. The synergy of all these services is a partner who reaches into each client and helps them get to their individual goal and to reach the next stage of their success. No matter what changes in their environment, no matter what circumstances with their customers, or what challenges arise, by the very nature of business.


Kathy is proactive, anticipatory, absolutely transparent, and more than that has improved the very nature of the message and relationships I have of the business with all my clients. She, in fact, has raised the bar in my business, in my relationships, and in my growth with those customers.


Her breadth of technology, her knowledge of administration, her ability to communicate, her follow-through and her proactivity, all come together as I have said, to form a dynamic partnership that increases the bond between every one of her clients and their customers. I actively recommend and recognize that she has taken the art of being a virtual assistant to the next level. If anything, she is a master.   John Picard, President, Picard Marketing, Inc.


To whom it may concern,

Starting a business from the ground up is never an easy task. You clearly need to have the best people around you to perform the functions of your business and take care of your clients. No one person is capable of doing all that. When I met Kathy, immediately I knew I had a partner. Her services at Hilltop Secretarial Service are unparalleled. From answering the phone, keeping my schedule, speaking with my clients, updating my meetings, and doing whatever it takes for me and my business Kathy is without an equal.


My clients have commented more than once: “Where did you find Kathy? She’s amazing!” Some of my clients are CEO’s of major corporations. The confidence I have in Kathy and her abilities are ABSOLUTE!


Kathy has a major role in the growth of my business. I credit my success largely in part to her helping me keep my business organized and confident. There is a lot to be said about that and I am grateful to have Kathy and her company as part of my business.  Andrew Elder, President & CEO, The Elder Group, LLC


Kathy, thank you for being so on top of things! Each day I praise you to others and myself. You are what I’ve always been looking for in my business. I love how easy it is for me to just send projects to you and say “do it” (please) and what a relief that is. I really appreciate that I can come into the office in the morning to find finished projects waiting for me – you are one step ahead of me and it’s amazing! Thanks for being you!  Joel Garfinkle, Garfinkle Executive Coaching


I didn’t know what a VA could do before I met Kathy and I am so glad that one of her satisfied clients suggested I hire her. Kathy helps me with just about everything – documents, research, phone calls, and administrative tasks. This allows me to focus on coaching and has made me so much more productive than I was a year ago. I am confident in recommending her to others (but I don’t want to share her).  Catherine O’Donnell, Coach


Kathy supported both of my companies, StaffingU, and simplyEffective(tm). Using her services was not only a wise investment but also brought immediate returns in increased revenues right from the first month. I can’t imagine what it would be like without her. Run, don’t walk, to talk with this savvy lady about what she can do for you.  Scott Wintrip, Wintrip Consulting Group


Thank you so much for stepping in so quickly and providing us with your services. You definitely took the worry out of our not having phone service for almost a full week due to Hurricane Sandy. The process was simple, quick and professional. We will definitely reach out to you again if the need arises.  Karen Randle,  PEAR Core Solutions, Inc.